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Personal Training Wilmington, NC

Personal Training Wilmington, NC

Personal Training Wilmington, NC

Greatly Reduce the Symptoms of Chronic Joint Pain

Strength training, if done properly protects your body’s joints. Especially for individuals with arthritic joint pain. Strong muscles will greatly support your joints and help you move more freely with less discomfort as you age.


Since 2005 Scott Perry, CSCS has focused on helping individuals with arthritic conditions, autoimmune diseases, and osteoporosis:


-Get Stronger


-Experience Less Pain


-Reduce Risk of Injury


-Improve Ability to Perform Daily Tasks and Remain Independent



Use It or Lose It!


As we age the body naturally loses muscle mass and goes into a catabolic state which causes muscle tissue to deteriorate. Age related diseases accelerate these symptoms. Developing a safe and effective exercise program and sticking to it is the key to aging more comfortably.



“Understanding each of my client’s individual needs, specific health history, and level of physical ability is essential to designing a safe and effective exercise routine. Due to the fact that individuals with chronic pain conditions, auto immune disease, spinal conditions, and other arthritic conditions carry a higher risk of injury, I can assure you that I have the necessary level of education and experience working with these populations to ensure that every workout is safe, effective, and productive.”


Scott Perry, CSCS



Real Results, Inc. 


*Individual results will vary 

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