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Personal Training Wilmington, NC

Personal Training Wilmington, NC


I have been referring patients with physical limitations to Scott Perry at Real Results Personal Training since 2006. Scott understands limitations related to various orthopedic conditions, and is able to effectively design exercise programs around whatever limitations the individual may have. I am very satisfied with the great results that I have seen in my patients after working with Scott. 


Dr. Francis Pecoraro, MD 





I am now going into my tenth year of personal training with Real Results and see no reason to ever stop! The rewards are multiple, not just in weight loss, but in results that my physicians are extremely happy about. My gynecologist called me personally to tell me that, through my continued strength training and weight lifting, I had doubled my bone density from my last bone scan. She was thrilled. And after my last A1C, blood panel testing, my personal physician told me that, had he not known I was a borderline diabetic, the testing showed me normal. You can't beat that! Real Results is not just weight loss, it's a wonderful and enjoyable way to invest in your health future. They ARE "Real Results".


Donna R. Dineen

Wilmington, NC





I have struggled with lower back pain for years. Several months after having a lumbar surgery (L5-S1 discectomy) I started working out with Scott Perry because my pain management physician referred me to him to help me strengthen the muscles in my lower back. After the first month of working out with Scott I began to feel much better. Since then I have continued to experience more progress. In addition to my scheduled training sessions, Scott also gives me very effective home routines to follow through with on the days that I don't workout with him at Real Results. The additional routines really help me stay consistent and I am held accountabile to follow through with them knowing that my next training session is right around the corner. My strength and flexibility have never been better and I continue to experience less pain. Satisfied client! 


Megan McGrath

Wilmington, NC






I often encourage my patients to continue a regular exercise program after they have completed their physical therapy treatments. I feel very confident referring them to Scott Perry and Real Results Personal Training because I know that they will receive an individualized, safe, and effective fitness experience. People with chronic pain need someone to truly listen to them, and at the same time to provide them with a gradual, motivating, and effective exercise program. This helps to encourage my patients to be compliant with their exercise program therefore helping themselves to best manage their pain and maximize the quality of their lives. Real Results Personal Training helps to continue the gains that my patients have achieved during physical therapy. 


Jennifer R. Whaley, PT, CLT-LANA

Owner of Physical Therapy for Women, Inc. 





My husband Ray and I have been training with Scott for quite a few years now. We are both senior citizens. When we first went to him, we couldn't even stay on a balance ball. He has helped us so much in every way, don't think we would ever have continued with a program if it were not for him. His motto and ours as well: Keep moving! Thanks Scott!


Brenda Hughes 

Wilmington, NC





I have been working with Real Results for over 5 years now and it has been great to reap the benefits of consistency. I was referred to Scott from a relative because I was dealing with chronic back pain. He put together a program that was safe and effective. I definitely saw an improvement with my back pain and have an overall sense of well being and body awareness. I would recommend Real Results to anyone who is ready to make a long term change.


Savanna Taylor

Wilmington, NC






My before photo was taken just months before I started on this journey with Scott that has transformed my life. I was significantly heavier, riding a stationary bike for just a few minutes would have me so worn out I could barely walk. My diabetes was out of control and I had recently had a cervical spinal fusion that had left my left side very weak. I was embarrassed and ashamed to walk into a gym. I desperately needed help.

Many people make excuses for not getting in shape. I know I did. Looking back I realize what I needed was the right help. If you struggle with your weight, are out of shape or injured then all I can say come talk with Scott.  He knows how to get you on the right program of diet and exercise that can transform your life too. I never exercised in my life before meeting Scott. Now I have Real Results! I don't have six pack abs and I can't run a marathon but I am fit and strong. My diabetes is well under control and I have all the strength back on my left side. Everyday I'm thankful I started this journey. I encourage you to invest in yourself. You won't be sorry you did.


Susan Suits

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